Customer opinion

Christoph S. (41), Board member

„No more stress for me with dirty shoes. No more shoe polish landing on the floor. No more dirty fingers. No shirt getting dirty – because I always clean my shoes at the last minute.

Many thanks for the brilliant invention –

Friedrich P. (61), Pensioner

At last some order has been put into my shoe care. Simple to use, complete shoe care and, most of all, clean. Looks great!

Martin L. (41), CEO

„Incredible – even at 7.20 in the morning during the greatest stress between packing schoolbags and making sandwiches you still manage to clean your shoes.“.

Thomas (31), Designer

"A really cool device! Bravo! Since being given this thing with the strange name I have become a shoe-cleaning addict!"

Roland R. (39), Graphic designer

"The best invention since the electric toothbrush! Really practical. Why wasnít it invented earlier???"

Marie C.S.

„QIXER is fast and practical!! We keep it right next to the front door in our house Ė I put the finishing touches to my appearance with it!! Itís like putting make up on in the car!“

Wolfgang P. (56), Travelling rep.

Since having Qixer in my glove box I always arrive at my customers with clean shoes, even in filthy weather.

Nicole K. (30), Head of marketing

Rainy weather? So what? A quick use of Qixer in my office and I can shine at the meeting!